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Audit Coordinators: The Liaison Heroes For Our Members

December 22, 2016 | Written by: Haley McClellan
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Our Audit Coordinators, or ACs, are the first assigned associates on a case when it is opened, and are there to help our members have a smooth experience sending in their initial documents. Some of the other responsibilities our ACs step up to assist with are: helping our members register on our website to access our Member Assistance Portal, assigning the cases to the appropriate level of representation, and working closely with the audit representative to deliver exquisite customer service to our members.

By using our core values of service and empathy, ACs address our members’ needs and requests with the utmost empathy and help them through finding solutions to their problems. Below are some examples from our AC heroes themselves:

"The core value I most appreciate is service. I try my best to always make sure I am providing good customer service because I know getting audited can be really stressful and I do not want to add to the stress. Just recently a member was having difficulty getting a document in to us because the file size was too large to upload to MAP. I researched different ways of shrinking the file size so that he could get his documents to us in the easiest and most efficient way. When my own research wasn’t good enough, I enlisted help from our IT department. They helped us resolve the issue, and the member’s documents were received. I was happy to know the member didn’t have to deal with technical issues during an already stressful situation."
─Alicia Sandoval

"Defending against an IRS audit is a team effort, and the taxpayer is also a part of that team in providing their representative with the necessary documentation and information needed to resolve their case. Since a team works best when all of its teammates are able to effectively communicate and work together towards a common goal, a little bit of empathy and understanding can go a long way toward achieving the best outcome for an audit."
─Anthony Webber

One of our Senior Audit Representative's, Michael Crowther, has named the ACs our "rescue heroes" here at This is what he has to say about his experience with them and how he feels they benefit our members:

"I have to take this moment to make a shout-out to the entire Audit Coordinator department. Whether I need help remembering a process or how to use our new systems when they are put in place, or helping a member who can’t log into the Member Assistance Portal─no matter what they do, the ACs are always there to be counted on. I cannot recall how many times I have needed assistance because a member was in distress, and then an Audit Coordinator stepped up to make things right. If the AC on a particular case is not in the office, then a backup or a backup to a backup steps up to help. They calmly call the members in need and help them solve their problems so that we can move forward with the defense if their audit. So I must take this moment to thank all of the ACs who work so hard to make life easier for everyone ─ [including]members and audit reps and everyone else here at"

When our members are feeling like they need some extra support, our ACs are their phone call away from relief. Getting our members in touch with their tax representative, quickly processing documents, and acting as a reference point for the member, are just a few of the reasons why we are grateful for our dedicated and hard-working Audit Coordinators!

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