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This Month’s Champions

October 01, 2014 | Written by: Donna Masciovecchio, Membership Services Manager
Customer Service Representative
Here are the “core values” stories from the final group of Membership Services Representatives, Team Diamonds. Each shows a commitment to providing our members with the very best customer service available while treating them with empathy and respect during a very stressful situation.

April Arseneau

There have been so many times when I have gone above and beyond to make sure that the person I am helping receives everything I have to offer them. I do my best every day to provide a level of customer service that I would expect from a company. That is exactly how I think of it… What would I want from the person who is helping me on the phone?

I use the knowledge and skills that I have to provide the best customer service to every person I speak with, whether it is an external customer or an internal peer. So, with that being said…

Everyday I try to be a champion, to commit, have empathy, to service, have respect, provide knowledge, and do it all with integrity.

Everyday I am the best champion I can be for!!!

Tanya Turner

I always try to exercise empathy, respect, and integrity, not just at work but in everyday life. In August I received this feedback from a customer:

“She was very professional, courteous, and clearly explained the process to me. She is one of those rare people who have the ability to develop an immediate connection with people who are in a stressful situation. As a retired VP of a Fortune 500 company, I would hire her in a heartbeat − any company would be fortunate to have her in their workforce. I say this knowing that I have nothing to gain other that the satisfaction of recognizing superior service from her this morning − which just happens to be my birthday (guess this is the IRS' idea of a birthday greeting.)”

I don’t agree that I am a “rare” person. I just simply believe in the saying, “Treat people how YOU want to be treated.” For me that means I treat others with compassion, respect, and FAIRNESS.

Keeping these traits and qualities in mind when dealing with customers, ANYONE, can be a “rare” individual.

Haley McClellan is not only a company that provides a sigh of relief to our members by defending them against the IRS, but we are each individual champions at ensuring our members feel at peace and have a clear understanding that we are here to serve them. We all utilize strengths, such as COMMITMENT, RESPECT, and KNOWLEDGE, but for me this last tax season, my greatest accomplishment was implementing EMPATHY.

It’s important to me to step outside of my “box” and place myself in the member’s shoes, especially when answering questions like, “Do I have to talk to the IRS?” and “Should I be worried?” It’s easy for us to take for granted that we aren’t personally experiencing what the member is going through, but we should remember that they are calling us to bring us into their situation to be a part of the resolution.

One member I helped was in a huge panic, and just providing words of affirmation and compassion and ensuring that we are here to help by dealing with the IRS on her behalf was enough to make her feel much better. She responded to our survey with this comment:

“Thank you for what Haley and all you folks do. For those of us who honestly file a return and live in fear of being bullied by the IRS, Haley and the folks gave a new meaning to getting a good night sleep. God Bless You All.”

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