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The Tax Defender Super Hero Wears Many Hats

April 01, 2013 | Written by: Debi Peters, EA
Professional with superhero shadow
I have thought often about how my colleagues and I are like SUPER HEROES, making a difference every day in the lives of the people we defend.

We are frequently faced with Members who are anxious and confused about why they are being audited. This is the part of the job that requires the SUPER COMPASSIONATE HERO, who listens to the client's concerns and diffuses the situation ─ helping our Members understand that we are here to help defend the return that was filed, and not throw them under the bus.

The second Super Hero hat we wear is the FIX IT-RABBIT-OUT-OF-A-HAT SUPER HERO. This is what we do when the Member has made an innocent mistake on their return, and we put on this special hat to help fix their problem, or at least minimize the damage. We also get to use every ounce of creativity we have to present their case in a more favorable light.

The third Super Hero we become is the SUPER TAX DEFENDER HERO. This is by far my favorite part. This is the hero who gets to argue the Member’s case from every possible angle ─ before the Internal Revenue Service ─ all the while maintaining our composure, respectability, and reputation, and protecting our Members.

The fourth Super Hero we become is the SUPER CLOSING HERO. This is when we explain every part of the examination report to the Member, walking them through each adjustment to make sure they understand everything before they sign off and agree to it. This type of education goes a long way in preventing the same inadvertent errors or entries from being made in the future.

The last Super Hero we become is hard to put a title on. This is the SUPER HERO who gets to fall asleep at night, knowing that every case and client we dealt with for the day received the same great service no matter how small their issue was. This is the super hero who can say, without hesitation, “I made a difference today in someone's life. I may not be able to help someone with their everyday load, but I definitely can help pack their burden.”

The best part of all is that we get to work at a job we love...sharpening our skills along the way.

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