TaxAudit tax professionals delivered excellent customer service to our members in the month of November!
As we head into the end of the year, we cannot help but be thankful for all our wonderful members!
TaxAudit worked diligently to make sure their members received top-notch customer service in September! 
A TaxAudit Tax Professional spent three years fighting for her member.
 TaxAudit’s Tax Professional worked diligently to help a member in need. 
A TaxAudit member went from owing $22,000 in tax to receiving a $1,000 refund! 
A TaxAudit tax professional worked with their member to bring their $35,000 balance due down to just $340!
TaxAudit’s tax professional worked diligently to ensure that their member was only paying what was rightfully owed to the IRS. 
TaxAudit’s tax professional worked with his members to make sure that, not only did they not owe the IRS additional tax – but they were actually due a refund!
TaxAudit tax professionals take the time and attention to understand a taxpayer’s unique situations and handle their cases with kindness.