Working through TaxAudit was a breeze | Reviews from June 2016

The experience was rather a stressful one but because of the prompt and professional assistance that you provided, everything was absolutely reassuring. We cannot thank you enough. 
Teresita, College Station, TX
My audit representative was fantastic!!!  She kept me in the loop concerning my audit and provided excellent advice.  Should I ever be audited again, I would want her to represent me again. She is the best!!!   
John, Midland, TX
From the moment tax audit answered my call, I was helped and assured In a professional and understanding manner. I would have been much more distressed when the IRS contacted me if I had not paid for your additional help. Thank you. 
Kathryn, Dallas, TX
Your website was so easy to work with! I've used a lot of websites in my life, and yours is the easiest I've ever seen! Although being audited is no fun, made the experience a more tolerable and my representative's guidance was much appreciated.  
Martha, Carmel, IN
Second audit ever, and both went as painlessly as possible with TaxAudit. I hope to never get audited again, but it's reassuring to me that if it does happen, I have a great team behind me.
David, Campbell, CA
We are extremely pleased about the way your staff handled the entire matter. While the outcome was not the happiest, the manner in which all communication worked is excellent.  
James, Fairfield, CT
My audit representative was absolutely GREAT to work with. I couldn't have hoped for better. Thanks!
James, Chugiak, AK
My audit representative was very professional and prompt dealing with my specific case. He did a great job explaining and coordinating the response to the IRS. Highly satisfied with him and the rest of the TaxAudit team.
Ryan, Folsom, LA
Although I never want to endure another audit and plan on never filing my takes myself again, the representatives of TaxAudit were beneficial and professional even during my time of extreme stress.   
Theresa, Lizella, GA
My audit representative made the audit process nearly painless. You hear horror stories from everyone you talk to about IRS audits but working through TaxAudit was a breeze.   
Sandra, Alexandria, PA
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Posted: 7/12/2016 9:07:23 AM