I highly recommend the professionals at TaxAudit.com! | Reviews from May 2015

My audit representative was fantastic! She is responsive, a very good communicator, and clearly understands the tax law. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
Patrick, Cumberland, RI
My audit representative was very patient and informative. I was 100% confident that she was well versed, experienced, and educated. I had no doubt that my audit from the IRS would be resolved correctly and to my best legal advantage. I felt as though she really cared about my tax audit, that I understand the process and reasons for the audit. She guided me through the process and was helpful in where to get the information that she needed to complete the audit process from our end. I could not have been more satisfied with her service, expertise, and professionalism.
Jeffrey, San Antonio, TX
My audit representative did an excellent job in replying to the inquiry from the State of Missouri Department of Revenue. In short order, she prepared the necessary documents to support the deductions claimed. The State quickly closed the case without any adjustments. I highly recommend the professionals at TaxAudit.com!!!!
James, Ballwin, MO
Easy to use, good service that gives peace of mind.
John, Oklahoma City, OK
Everyone was courteous and professional. My audit representative was polite, professional, and reassuring. I will continue using Turbo Tax and include Audit Defense on future tax returns. This was (albeit brief) an awesome experience. Thank you.
Phyllis, Aldan, PA
Having somebody to represent me from a tax audit is very stress relieving knowing that everything will be settled, done in a timely manner, and in a professional way! Thank you for all your help!!!
Jennifer, Carlisle, PA
I could not have been more pleased with the service and responsiveness of your representatives. This is a most professionally provided service and well worth the annual fee.
William, Minnesott Beach, NC
I'm so thankful for taxaudit.com. Any questions we had were answered, our concerns were addressed, and all along I had the ease of knowing that in the end we would do the best we could given that we had qualified representation. Well worth the money. It was so hassle-free I was completely amazed.
Brian, Houston, TX
Our audit representative was great. All of our audit issues were resolved without a hitch.
Mark, Santa Ana, CA
TaxAudit has eliminated the anxiety I once felt about dealing with the IRS or State agencies. I would NEVER be without TaxAudit. It just might me the best money I have ever spent. Thank you TaxAudit. I no longer fear a letter from the IRS.
Sharon, Savoy, IL
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Posted: 6/8/2015 8:36:37 PM