I am extremely satisfied of the work done by TaxAudit | Reviews from January 2014

My audit representative did an outstanding job! He did not stop until he had a fair and correct outcome to my tax situation despite a lot of push back from the IRS auditor. Thanks to him I didn't owe any more money to the IRS. Great job.
Peter, Marietta, GA
Excellent customer service and expert representation. TaxAudit service is "worth its weight in gold"--I'll never file without it!
Susan, Las Cruces, NM
Excellent service, worth the cost of not having to deal directly with the IRS.
Michael, Seabeck, WA
Getting a notice from the IRS is never fun, but my audit representative made dealing with it a lot easier.
Stephen, Longboat Key, FL
Great experience. Our representative was very knowledgeable and helpful. The issue was resolved with the IRS 100% in a very short amount of time. Thank You!!
Brad, San Rafael, CA
I advise anyone who is filing his/her tax return, especially those who are filling by themselves, to consider this service as a body guard as you never know when the big man will come after you. Even though I had all the supporting requested documentations, I could not have defended my case easily. For instance, one of my records was kept in my email so when I printed it out, I did not realize the system automatically defaulted the receipt date to the current date. Fortunately enough for me, the representative was able to detect it. If I were to defend myself to the IRS, I would have submitted this document which could have put me in trouble. I am very satisfied and every year now, when I am filing my tax return, I will consider Tax Audit.com as my audit experts. Thank you TaxAudit.com and particularly to my coordinator and representative.
Abdourahmane, Cheektowaga, NY
I am extremely satisfied of the work done by TaxAudit; they won my case and debunked the IRS's claim, and I never had to deal with the IRS. TaxAudit took care of everything.
Travis, Dana Point, CA
I couldn't be happier with my Tax Audit experience. I will definitely continue to use this service in the future, and will recommend it to friends and family.
Daniel, Seattle, WA
I love this service, and I'm so glad I signed up for it. I almost just paid the IRS notice because I did not understand the basis for their increased tax amount. My audit representative helped explain why the IRS came up with their amount and how I could show that the IRS was incorrect. Once I provided the paperwork, she took care of the rest, saving me time and stress. And, I owe the IRS nothing! Win!
Janel, Oakland, CA
It is superb. You take the fear out of an IRS notice!
V Bruce, Menlo Park, CA
My TaxAudit Representative saved me over $2500. In addition he saved me much time and stress! I never had to deal directly with IRS. My TaxAudit Rep kept me informed by phone and email of events during the process. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my tax audit.
William, Tucson, AZ
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Posted: 2/4/2014 10:59:16 PM