Audit Defense Reviews: 2014

My audit representative provided timely status updates and was patient in explaining process for providing the additional records I needed. This was a great service when any dreaded IRS notice arrives.
Our audit rep was OUTSTANDING. He did a great job. Kept us informed and gave us peace of mind during the audit.
My audit representative was extremely patient with me and he provided a high level of expertise. He helped me to understand all the issues and guided me through the process in a way that was professional and straightforward.
My audit representative was very helpful and asked all the right questions that got us to a fully satisfactory resolution of my problem. Saved me from a huge tax bill due to an IRS error. He knew just how to document the case so that it went away. Ultimate bill was $0 :-)
I am extremely satisfied with your services. The representative who worked on my case is outstanding. You have saved me time, frustrations and money. Thank you so much.
I am glad that I had TaxAudit by my side as it is difficult to deal with the IRS by oneself.
Very pleased with my TaxAudit representation during a stressful audit.
My audit representative did an excellent job in handling our audit. We will highly recommend TaxAudit in the future and are very grateful to have had this service.
He always worked with me to make sure I remembered all the different things I needed to upload to meet all the deadlines. This was my second audit in 3 years, both times I used your services, and have been totally pleased each time.
A very inexpensive service that is there if you ever need it. It was so nice to have a professional deal with the IRS!
Getting a notice from the IRS is never fun, but my audit representative made dealing with it a lot easier.
I have used Tax Audit for several audits. In every case I have been very satisfied. My representative has been quite knowledgeable about my case. She has been good about keeping me informed as to the progress of the case. As a result I have never been worried nor discouraged about my case.