I am very satisfied working with TaxAudit.com | Reviews from March 2013

I will recommend your service to all my clients and staff here in our offices around the OHIO region. Thank you again for the customer friendly service and quick response. You were always there when I called; I never once was transferred or went to voicemail. Thank you so much. Very Satisfied Customer.
Donald, Columbus, OH
Fantastic! We were extremely satisfied with our experience dealing with TaxAudit.com and the service we received. Without the help of our audit representative, we would never have been able to favorably resolve our case. She was outstanding! We highly recommend that anyone who needs a professional and thorough legal team to help with your IRS audits, go with TaxAudit.com. You will not be disappointed.
Dale, Vass, NC
Great job. I'm very happy with your services.
Cesar, North Miami Beach, FL
I am so thankful that I signed up for your service. When I received the IRS notice, it put me in a panic. Once I started working with my audit representative, I felt calm with him in control giving me the steps I needed to take: locate the documents, send them, sign the forms, etc.; and then we had an absolutely great outcome. From a panic 3 weeks before Christmas, to being able to enjoy the holidays, to having a finalized determination before Spring Break, I am so thankful that I had your protection.
Susan, Carrollton, TX
I am very satisfied working with TaxAudit.com and I will be happy to use your service again if I need it in the future.
Kolyo, Lorton, VA
I really appreciate the help. When I was audited, I owed the IRS $2000 but my audit representative turned that debt into a $200 refund.
Anthony, Ann Arbor, MI
I'm so happy I purchased TaxAudit this year! I would not want to talk to the IRS by myself, it would be very overwhelming.
Jessica, Abington, MA
My case was handled in a professional and Timely manner! Thank you!
Twylla, Salem, OR
The TaxAudit team responded very quickly, well above expectation.
Manuel, Acton, MA
My audit representative was absolutely outstanding! I have nothing but the highest praise for his skillful and professional counsel and guidance through this process. He got the intended result from the IRS, which was "case closed; no money owed and no further action required."
Douglas, Redmond, WA
Very professional. I would not be able to accomplish on my own what they accomplished for me during a Tax Audit...what I paid was well worth it and I will not hesitate to continue getting their services in the next coming years.
Ronald, Fremont, CA
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Posted: 4/6/2013 9:47:45 PM