Audit Defense Reviews: 2012

It felt like they held my hand along the way and they helped me through the process and relieved me of the stress related with dealing with the IRS.
I couldn't have imagined an audit would have been this easy. TaxResources far exceeded my expectations with service and the end result. Thank you.
I always purchase Audit Protection and am glad I did. Getting a notice from the IRS is daunting and frightening! My audit representative made me feel like regardless of the outcome, he would take care of me and slay that lion for me! (or at least go to battle for me, which he did!)
I was very distressed when I got my IRS letter questioning my taxes. Since the moment I contacted TaxResources, I knew I was in great hands. My problem was solved with a great outcome.
Given my income and assets, I never thought I would need the audit defense service from TaxResources, Inc. Since the IRS letter arrived, I have thanked God over and over for having purchased the protection.
Excellent service! Without TaxResources I would have been lost when I got the notice from the IRS. Thanks.
I genuinely appreciate the whole process and have already renewed my membership for the next tax year. THANK YOU for your help.
Tax Resources, Inc., gave me the confidence that my audit would be handled in a professional manner. They are very personable and knowledgeable of the tax audit process. So, I highly recommend them to take care of your tax issues.
I was very pleased with the thoroughness. At one point my Rep. was ill but his supervisor helped me out till he returned to work. I have no complaints and am very pleased. Have recommended to my friends and relatives.
From the first woman who helped me on the phone to my last call, this entire experience was amazing. Your team of dedicated employees made a scary event of being contact by the IRS into a calmer, manageable experience. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of us.
I am very impressed and satisfied with the service provided as well as the professionalism of all involved. Dealing with the IRS is never fun however Tax Resources knew what to do, took control and resolved the issue in a timely manner.
I absolutely was very pleased with the services I received and will most certainly pay for audit defense again. I have recommended the service to hundreds of others who were also audited for the same reason I was this year.