Audit Defense Reviews: 2011

Excellent response and very professional. I will be talking to my kids about my experiences with your service and recommend they sign up for your Tax Audit program.
My state made a huge error in processing my state tax form. I am so thankful I signed up for TaxResources because I don't like confrontations and it would have been very hard for me to tell the state, "You are wrong"! Thank you all very much.
I have used Tax Resources for several years. It is a great value, and a "Must Have" if you deal with the IRS. I highly recommend the service.
Outstanding. I estimate the representative assigned to me saved me over $10,000 compared to if I represented myself. Thank you Tax Resources.
From the moment we made the call to TaxResources that we had received an audit notice and through our month long audit, your team was absolutely awesome. We could not have been better represented. Thank you TaxResources, we will be recommending you to everyone!
When I got that letter from the state, I was at a loss as to what to do. Then I remembered that I had help already available. What a relief! You never think it will be you being audited. But I would advise everyone to purchase this service because you never know. What a bargain for the money.
Highly professional organization. Very helpful. A person couldn't ask for better service. Extremely responsive to any questions I had.
Worst moment - seeing a notice from the IRS saying to pay $29k. Best moment - realizing that I had purchased TaxResources when I filed using TurboTax. Relief when I got the final notice from the IRS stating they owed me an additional $369.
I am very pleased with the support and assistance that I received from Tax Resources. Thank you so much.
Since this was the first time I ever had to correspond with the IRS, I was relieved to have a person and company so knowledgeable about the process. I am a very satisfied customer and would highly recommend the services of TaxResources.
My representative in particular was professional, well informed, courteous, thorough in his explanations, and pleasant to work with.
I am beyond impressed with diligence, helpfulness, and effectiveness.