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Do I enjoy my job?


Every day at TaxAudit we make a positive difference in people’s lives. When someone is contacted by the IRS or state taxing authority, the result is usually panic. While we can’t stop you from ever getting audited, we can ease the stress and uncertainty of an otherwise nerve-wracking moment. This alone gives me job satisfaction unlike anything I’ve experienced.

We don’t promise to “make your taxes go away.” But we can get to the bottom of any tax situation, and make sure you don’t pay any more taxes than you rightfully owe. More often than not, we save our members a great deal of money, and that’s because we have a team of audit representatives with incredible knowledge, skill and experience.

In this blog, TaxAudit team members ─ from all departments ─ tell their own stories of how they helped our members, in their own words. From our customer service department to our audit coordinators and representatives, TaxAudit employees are dedicated to making tax audits as stress-free as possible for our members. I am always amazed at how far we go to make things right. I think you will be, too, as you read our employees’ stories. Every week we receive dozens of letters of appreciation from members who are happy with our services, and we share some of their comments here each month.

Since 1988, TaxAudit has been dedicated to providing the best audit representation and taxpayer education available. We also make it possible for anyone to be prepared for an audit by offering affordable memberships and expert know-how. Now with over eight million members, we maintain the same high quality service we have provided since we first started out. Please visit our website, or call us at 1-800-92-AUDIT to find out more.